Do this at your own risk.Obviously, it'll void your warranty and has the potential to damage your device.This rom is highly minimalistic.It comes with a very few apps pre-installed.The aim of this rom is to let the user decide which apps to use according to their taste.There is bound to have bugs since i dont have the device.So if anything goes wrong please post the problem here.Dont pm me for that.Other users can view those problems and possible fixes if you post it here in the thread.

IMPORTANT NOTE:-Anyone having random reboots problem please use the STOCK SAMSUNG LOCKSCREEN.I'm working on a fix.

What's under the hood:

Rooted,Deodexed,zipaligned etc..
Based on DDLG1 firmware
MIUI music player
Highly minimalistic.
Scrolling cache is disabled for smoother scrolling.
Lidroid 15 toggles.
6 lockscreens
swipe to remove notification
Modded touchwiz launcher with
*5 icon dock
*Transparent 4x4 app drawer
*List view
*fly-in animation
Ics style task switcher
Bootanimation,boot sounds,and shutdown sounds are removed.
And some more..


1.Download the Rom zip file
2.put it on your sd card.
3.Switch of your phone and reboot into cwm recovery.
4.Wipe data and cache.
5.Install the rom zip file through cwm.
6.Wipe data and cache again.
7.Reboot the system and you are good to go.

You may have to wait a bit for the rom to boot.It'll seem like it is stuck at the splash screen but it's not.There won't be any bootanimation.So dont panic.Just wait.